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David Nolan Gallery

New York, NY
"Drawing Space: 1970 – 1983"
November 1, 2018 – December 21, 2018

David Nolan Gallery

Drawing Space: 1970-1983, on view from November 1 through December 21, 2018 features the work of Hanne Darboven, Barry Le Va, Dorothea Rockburne, Fred Sandback, Alan Saret, and Keith Sonnier, the exhibition takes a fresh look at a group of artists who are variously associated with the Minimalist, Postminimalist, and Process art movements. Focusing chiefly on works on paper – some of which are working drawings for sculptures or installations, others that are finished works in themselves – the presentation explores these artists’ relationship to interior and architectural space.

Works in the exhibition by Hanne Darboven (1941-2009) and Fred Sandback (1943-2003) convey Minimalism’s emphasis on seriality and geometric forms. Darboven, who lived most of her life in Germany, spent a brief period of time in New York in the late 1960s, where she formed close friendships with Lawrence Weiner and Sol LeWitt. Darboven’s 10. Variante from 1975 – a 15-part work comprised of ink on silkscreen and printed paper collage – features arcs and boxes, using Minimalist language to visualize the passing of time.

Photo: Dorothea Rockburne, "Dark Angel: Elephant," From the series "Dark Angel," 1982.

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